Mission Statement

Liberty CCTV has committed to deliver a reliable product at a fair price with a quality buying experience and a lifetime warranty. No B.S.


About Us

Liberty CCTV was born out of necessity when a group of rebel security integrators got together to talk about their business successes and failures.  We all agreed that not every integrator needs or wants to be partnered with a designer brand label. The alternative was a product that integrators usually did not like to discuss.  Many integrators are now suffering buyer's remorse because they learned that their purchases supported conflicting political ideals and publicized security vulnerabilities.  To defeat a dragon, we need to think a little like one. This is why Liberty CCTV exists and why you may be considering partnering with us.

The Liberty CCTV collective partners are individually or family own and operated video security integrators. Our partners are fighters, grinders, and rebels and they want to do something to keep more of their earnings for themselves, for their business, for their community, and for their country. 

Liberty CCTV sources products that work well everyday. We have discovered and eliminated the not-so-hidden "product" costs of supporting the industry; including, but not limited to, trade-shows, association luncheons, sky banners, expo's, golf tournaments, BBQ's, and bad politics. We are putting over 50 years of combined product knowledge and real field installations into a Liberty CCTV product offing and buying experience that puts the profits back where they belong.


Q:     Do you really offer a Lifetime Warranty on your products?

A:      Cameras purchased by Liberty CCTV members are covered by our Lifetime Warranty, which is based upon our trust in our vetted members. We have personally purchased, installed and diagnosed thousands of these products over the past three years. We also understand the expertise and commitment of our collective members. If you have a camera that fails onsite during the lifetime of your customer relationship, we will replace it with another camera.

Q:     Your name is Liberty CCTV and I sense you flying the Red, White, and Blue, but are you just putting another name on Chinese OEM products from one of the two major manufacturers?

A:     We don't fly colors at Liberty CCTV. The idea behind the name was to give the members of our collective the liberty  to buy a good product at a fair price with easily understandable supporting documentation that didn't put most of the profits overseas and out of reach. Our product offering has been stripped of anything that doesn't add more profit for the members of our collective, including, but not limited to trade-shows, associations luncheons, sky banners, expo's, golf tournaments, BBQ's. and bad politics.



Thank you!